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Hamro Prabidhi : Ramro Nepal
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HPR Nepal is a Non-Governmental Organization working in Technology dissemination for entrepreneurship development in Nepal. HPR Nepal is a team of young technical professionals from Nepal. HPR Nepal is officially registered named as "Hamro Prabidhi: Ramro Nepal" on 12 August 2009 pursuant to section 4 of the Associations Registration Act, 1977. HPR Nepal is an organization formed by a group of young technical professionals from Nepal. It is officially registered as Non-Governmental Organization in Kathmandu administrative office in 2009.   It is a common forum of youths working in technical precinct in Nepal. Our motive is to embrace propitious youths who are interested in research and development, sustainable technology exploration and its dissemination. We have prioritized dissemination of technologies which would invigorate socio-economic development of Nepal.

HPR Nepal’s primary objective is to empower people by providing them with appropriate technologies so that they can enhance their skills and knowledge through use of better technologies and eventually use them to galvanize entrepreneurial endeavors. To achieve these objectives, we are working in collaboration with various National and International Development organizations, professionals from multifarious backgrounds and with the communities in the grass root level where we disseminate technology and entrust them with technology handover. 

Since its inception, HPR Nepal has succeeded remarkable feat in developing innovative technologies and their successful implementation in Nepal especially in Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Information and Communication Technologies, Water and Sanitation, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and other development works. HPR Nepal also provides consultancy services in those areas. Through our incessant endeavors we aim to agglomerate talents of the engineers, geologists and experts in multifarious technical and social disciplines for the development activities of the country. We are also persistently working with youth communities by providing them with professional training for employment opportunities. Our subsequent aim is also to build entrepreneurial prospects for the youths through these activities. 

For successful implementation of our development undertakings, we have team of qualified professionals having experience and expertise in their relevant technical domains. We also have adequate technical and administrative support staff, and the office well equipped with modern facilities and equipment. 

Our Mission

To provide technological services and consultation to government and development agencies in Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Information and Communication Technologies, Water and Sanitation, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation sectors

To provide skill based technical training to youth and also enable them with entrepreneurial opportunities

Our Vision

To become a frontrunner in providing technological services and solutions in expanses of our expertise domain and contribute to the overall development of the country.

Our Values

We aim to achieve scientific excellence by ensuing high integrity, respect and teamwork among team members and by maintaining high professional ethics in all work done by the organization.  Our values integrate: 

Technological Development

We embrace our quest to tackle technological challenges, their improvement and implementation because we are inspired by the difference we can make in the lives of the people around the world through technological development.

Scientific excellence

We believe that sustainable development can be achieved only through scientific excellence. We strive to identify the need of the people that can be satisfied through means of technology, and through continuous innovation we challenge ourselves to satisfy those needs.

Integrity, respect and team work 

We are responsible to the client, society and the country that we serve by maintaining highest level of integrity. We have high respect to the local culture, rules and regulations. Again, we work as a team to serve the society by technological development maintain high respect among the team members.

Professional ethics

We give high adherence to professional ethics. We don’t reveal the sensitive information and promote our own good work. We are committed towards building relationships by doing the right thing in the right way.



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