Nepalese villages can be sustainably developed with an eco-friendly approach. With this belief, HPR Nepal was established to support local government and civic organizations for environment-friendly infrastructure development, technology, action plan, research, etc. Achieving this goal requires the organized mobilization of enthusiastic, aware, and efficient citizens. HPR Nepal has been motivating, coordinating, and cooperating with the local government, civic organizations, etc. to move forward on the sustainable development path. We have spent more than a decade transferring technology to develop entrepreneurship at the local level and creating and nurturing small entrepreneurs by providing necessary training in that regard. HPR Nepal has adopted the globally accepted norms, and values ​​of good governance, child rights, human rights, social inclusion, environmental protection, etc., and has derived its own code of conduct for its organizational life cycle. HPR Nepal has been providing consultancy, training and feasibility study, and other technical services to build the infrastructure for sustainable development for the local governments. Our team consists of dynamic, skilled, and professional members.

Vision :
Solidarity for eco-friendly sustainable development.
Mission and strategies:
HPR Nepal supports the villages/cities through the capacitated organization for eco-friendly and sustainable development.
HPR NEPAL, as a well-governed organization, works with local governments and civic organizations to uplift the socio-economic status of residents on the basis of sustainable development.
To support small and medium-sized enterprises to make them affordable, sustainable, reliable, and productive.

To provide life skill training and technology transfer programs for rural entrepreneurship.

To facilitate enabling environmentally friendly and economically active local initiatives.

To support local initiatives for smart villages.